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2004 Recipient: Carino

Cariño Photo

The 2004 Harrop and Ruth Freeman Prize in Peace Studies was awarded by the Peace Studies Program in April 2004 to three Cornell University graduating seniors: Richelle Crstobal Cariño (seen here), Jee-Min Chung, and Rebecca M. Kleinhander. Each student received $2,500.

Richelle Cristobal Cariño (College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, City and Regional Planning, and College of Arts and Sciences, Government with a concentration in International Relations ) has been involved with Cornell UNICEF, serving in leadership roles and working on many projects. She has been a volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages, an active member of Cornell Amnesty International, and as a Cornell Tradition fellow has done many volunteer activities on campus and in the community. She spent a summer in Ghana as a teaching assistant. She plans to enroll in Cornell’s Masters in Regional Planning program in Fall 2004 and would eventually like to work for the United Nations as an international human rights lawyer.

Information and a photograph of the other two prize winners can be found here or from a link from their names.