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Matthew Evangelista

Chechnya, Yeltsin, and Clinton: The Massacre at Samashki in April 1995 and the US Response to Russia's War in Chechnya

Matthew Evangelista (former director of the Reppy Institute) and Svetlana Savranskaya edited this National Security Archive briefing book.

Eun A Jo

South Korea's experiment in pandemic surveillance

Eun A Jo, the Director's Fellow in the Reppy Institute and a PhD candidate in government, says in an April 13 op-ed in The Diplomat that South Korea is a testing ground for how to balance robust...

Rebecca Slayton

Cybersecurity requires international cooperation, trust

Rebecca Slayton, with Brian Clarke, authored "Trusting Infrastructure: The Emergence of Computer Security Incident Response, 1989-2005," which was published April 13 in the journal Technology and...

Peter Katzenstein

Peter Katzenstein awarded the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science from Uppsala University

The prize is awarded to scholars who have made significant contributions to furthering the understanding of how history, culture, and norms shape economics, as well as national and global security...

Eun A Jo

A Democratic Response to Coronavirus: Lessons from South Korea

Eun A Jo, a graduate student in Government and the director's fellow of the Reppy Fellows, has another article in The Diplomat. She says that South Korea's success thus far isn't just due to its...

Eun A Jo

The Human Costs of Peace in Korea

Read this op-ed in The Diplomat by Eun A Jo, a PhD student in government and a Reppy Fellow. As South Korean President Moon Jae-in doubles down on his peace initiative, North Korean refugees will...

Randall Forsberg

Reppy Institute promotes nuclear freeze movement's legacy

Forty years ago this month, disarmament advocate and researcher Randall Caroline Watson Forsberg told peace activists assembled for Mobilization for Survival’s annual meeting that a bilateral nuclear...

Occasional paper 10

The Institute's Occasional Papers are now available on the Cornell University eCommons site

The Reppy Institute's first occasional paper was published in 1971 when the Institute was known as the Peace Studies Program. The most recent paper was published by the Reppy Institute for Peace and...

Viridescent 2015

The Reppy Institute gives thanks to Marion Held for the gift of a raku mask

Viridescent 2015 is one of Marion Held’s raku mask series and one of the eleven of her masks that were on display at Cornell as part of the Shadows and Ashes exhibit in fall 2018. Following the...

Debak Das

Debak Das received summer support from the Reppy Institute for dissertation research and chaired a roundtable on the future of India-Pakistan relations

Das, a PhD candidate in the Department of Government at Cornell and former Reppy Director’s fellow spent a month in India conducting field research. His dissertation examines how regional powers...

Forsberg book cover

Toward a Theory of Peace

We are pleased to announce that the print version of Randall Forsberg's PhD dissertation, Toward a Theory of Peace: The Role of Moral Beliefs, with an introduction by Matthew Evangelista and Neta C....


Five projects awarded 2019 digitization grants

One of the awards from the Cornell University Library's Grants Program for Digital Collections in Arts & Sciences (DCAPS) will help digitize a portion of the archive of the Institute for Defense...

Stephen Roblin

Stephen Roblin awarded a Delores Zohrab Liebmann (DZL) Fellowship

Stephen Roblin, a doctoral candidate in government and a previous Reppy Fellow, along with Laura Leddy, a doctoral student in anthropology, were selected as recipients of the Delores Zohrab Liebmann...

Rebecca Slayton

Four Cornell faculty win the White House early career awards

The White House has recognized four Cornell faculty members, including Rebecca Slayton, with the prestigious 2019 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Rebecca...

Peter Katzenstein

Peter Katzenstein Book Prize awarded for 2019

The Katzenstein Prize, in honor of Peter J. Katzenstein, the Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of International Studies at Cornell University, recognizes an outstanding first book in International...

Naomi Egel

Naomi Egel was awarded a Fulbright Program/Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship to support her dissertation research

Egel, a PhD candidate in the Government Department and former Reppy Director’s fellow, will spend twelve months as a visiting researcher at the Graduate Institute of International and Development...

Agnieszka Nimark

Agnieszka Nimark describes the new developments taking place in European Union Crisis Management

Agnieszka Nimark, Visiting Scholar in the Reppy Institute, has a chapter on Post-Lisbon Developments in EU Crisis Management in a new book on Ethics and Law for Chemical, Biological, Radiological,...

Rebecca Slayton

Trump says 'America must win' the 5G race. Here's what you need to know

Rebecca Slayton, Director of the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, outlines in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage five things that put 5G in perspective.

Bruno Seraphin

Practicing Peace for Climate Justice: Haudenosaunee Knowledge in Global Context

Cornell graduate students led by Bruno Seraphin, Reppy Fellow, organized this special event that took place on March 14. If you were not able to attend, it was live streamed and can be seen on the...

Matthew Evangelista

Evangelista Part of Geneva Conventions 70th Anniversary Panel

Professor Evangelista and others commented on the questions posed by the book he co-edited with Nina Tannenwald, "Do the Geneva Conventions Matter?" The February 25th event in Geneva, Switzerland is...