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Elman photo

Jerusalem: History and Current Tensions

Miriam Elman, political scientist at Syracuse University, discussed "Jerusalem: Conflict in the Holy City," at the Reppy Institute's seminar on November 3rd.

George Lewis

George Lewis in the news

George Lewis, a visiting scholar in the Reppy Institute, is mentioned in a Los Angeles Times article reporting that the US missile defense system is "simply unable to protect the public." The article...

Debak Das

Debak Das in the news

Debak Das, a graduate student in the Department of Government, participated in a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace event on June 6, 2016. He has also contributed to a new book,...

Stockholm trip attendees

Doctoral students present at Stockholm conference

Six Cornell doctoral students presented papers and met fellow Ph.D. students and faculty interested in global security at a workshop May 23-25, 2016 in Sweden.

Reppy Fellows host a conference on peace and conflict

Cornell doctoral students in history, government, and anthropology met with counterparts from across the country to share interdisciplinary research on peace and conflict.

Lisel Hintz Photo

Lisel Hintz Discussed Ottoman Islamism and Erdogan's New Turkey

Dr. Lisel Hintz, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Einaudi Center, explored how identity contestation in Turkey spills in to foreign and domestic politics. Her talk "Ottoman Islamism and Erdoğan’s ‘New...

Amb. Lakhdar Brahimi Image

Einaudi Center Welcomes Ambassador Brahimi as International Practitioner-in-Residence

Ambassador Lakhdar Brahimi is the inaugural fellow in the Einaudi Center’s International Practitioner-in-Residence Program. Ambassador Brahimi has led a distinguished diplomatic career negotiating...

Ira Helfand Image

The Growing Danger of Nuclear War and What We Can Do About It

Ira Helfand, co-president of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, discussed the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons February 8, 2016 as part of the Mario Einaudi Center...

Map of Ukraine

Cornell Professors Analyze Putin's Game in Ukraine

"The changes in Ukraine were a perfect storm for Putin,” Valerie Bunce, Aaron Binenkorb Chair of International Studies and Professor of Government, during a TCAM panel discussion with Matthew...

Jane Sharp Photo

Jane Sharp Explores Ties between Humiliation and Terrorism

On October 22, Jane Sharp, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Department of War Studies, Kings College London, concluded that in order to counteract ISIS propaganda, counterterrorism initiatives...

Map of Turkey and Syria

Cornell Voices: Current Crisis in Turkey, Syria, and the Islamic State

A Current Events Roundtable on "Turkey, Syria, and the Islamic State," was held on September 24, 2015. Featured speakers were Lisel Hintz, Postdoctoral Associate at the Mario Einaudi Center for...

Nicholas Miller photo

Nicholas Miller Explores Links Between Nuclear Energy and Proliferation

In the Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies October 8, 2015 seminar, Dr. Nicholas Miller, Frank Stanton Assistant Professor of Nuclear Security and Policy at Brown University,...

American Way of Bombing cover photo

The American Way of Bombing

Aerial bombardment remains important to military strategy, but the norms governing bombing and the harm it imposes on civilians have evolved. The past century has seen everything from deliberate...

MacArthur Foundation International Peace & Security program

MacArthur Foundation Funds New Nuclear Order Research

In spring 2014 the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced a two-year, $370,000 award to Cornell University for research on Creating Conditions for a Stable Transition to a New...

Book inspired by distinguished Cornell scholar Peter Katzenstein

Power in a Complex Global System

Power in a Complex Global System, edited by Louis W. Pauly and Bruce W. Jentleson, is drawn from papers delivered at a 2011 conference organized by the Reppy Institute to honor Peter K. Katzenstein...

New book by Jonathan Kirshner

American Power after the Financial Crisis

In American Power after the Financial Crisis, Jonathan Kirshner, professor of government at Cornell and director of the Reppy Institute, explains how the crisis altered the international balance of...