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2003 Recipients

Photo 2003 Freeman Prize Winners

The 2003 Harrop and Ruth Freeman Prize in Peace Studies was awarded by the Peace Studies Program in April 2003 to Cornell University graduating seniors:

Rachel Criscitiello (College of Arts and Sciences, Science and Technology Studies and Women Studies) planned to work as a leader for a Student Conservation Association (SCA) Conservation Crew in a national park in summer 2003 and then expected to work as a WorldTeach volunteer in Ecuador beginning in fall 2003.

Channa Jayasekera (College of Human Ecology, Human Biology, Health and Society) planned to return to Sri Lanka and work for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and to continue work in underdeveloped areas of the world to alleviate health and nutritional problems and disparities.

Farryn Slaton (College of Arts and Sciences, Anthropology and Spanish) was an AmeriCorps volunteer with Indiana Legal Services and planned to pursue a graduate degree and continue to work in community services.

All three students had long-range plans to pursue further education. Through study and work we expect these dedicated young people have already made positive changes wherever they have gone. Each student received $2,500.