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Faculty and graduate students produce many publications. The books, articles and papers of institute members can be found among the leading publications in the field.

Reppy Institute members' peace studies related publications are listed in the program's annual reports.

Some Reppy Institute support to individuals or from workshops, conferences, or other program activities has resulted in the publication of books.

The Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies publishes an occasional paper series. The most recent papers are available on this site in pdf format. The series includes individual research results, collections of workshop and conference papers, and summaries of collaborative projects that have been sponsored by the institute. Hard copies are available by mail order.

Other Reports and Papers provides links to reports and papers associated with Reppy Institute seminars and workshops.

The Reppy Institute, under its former name the Peace Studies Program, is a participant in Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), which publishes everything from journal articles and working papers to whole books and proceedings of conferences in the field of international affairs. The Peace Studies Program's Occasional Papers, beginning with #21, are posted on CIAO.

An edited version of Randall Forsberg's thesis Toward a Theory of Peace: The Role of Moral Beliefs is posted on the Einaudi Center's e-book platform. The formal publication with Cornell University Press is anticipated in 2019-2020.