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Graduate Minor Field of Peace Studies and Peace Science

The minor field of Peace Studies and Peace Science provides interdisciplinary opportunities for graduate students to deepen their knowledge of international security; the structure and function of multinational systems; and the general area of conflict analysis, conflict management, and conflict resolution. The peace science minor emphasizes mathematical modeling and game theoretic models, while the peace studies minor emphasizes historical, institutional, and policy-oriented approaches. The minors are intended to complement basic study in such areas as government; economics; sociology; civil, environmental, and transportation engineering; operations research; city and regional planning; industrial and labor relations; psychology; and agricultural economics.

The organization of the Graduate School at Cornell is based on a concept of fields of study independent of colleges and departments. It is thus possible for a graduate student to take courses in any division of the University and to choose from any major or minor field recognized by the Graduate School. Graduate students in M.A. and Ph.D. programs in all fields of study can pursue a minor in Peace Studies and Peace Science.

The student's program is developed with the aid and direction of a Special Committee of graduate faculty members chosen by the student. Satisfactory progress toward a degree is judged solely by the Special Committee. In keeping with the aim of flexibility in graduate degree programs, the minor in Peace Studies and Peace Science is developed by the student in consultation with the member of his Special Committee who has been selected from the field of Peace Studies and Peace Science.

Click here for a listing of the members of the minor field with their professional information, including their major field, their minor field concentration, their specializations, and their campus contact information.

In addition to including a member of the minor field on their Special Committee, graduate students must take two semesters of the Proseminar in Peace Studies (GOVT/HIST/STS 7937) in order to fulfill the minor requirements.  The course is led by the director of the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and is based on the Institute's weekly seminar series, featuring outside visitors and Cornell faculty.