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Occasional Papers

Selected Essays on the Transition to a New Nuclear Order

Publication Author: edited by Judith Reppy and Catherine Kelleher

Publication Number: 32

Pages: iv + 111

ISSN 1075-4857

Polyphonic Country: A Peace Zone in Georgia and South Caucasus

Publication Author: Irakli Zurab Kakabadze

Publication Number: 31

ISSN 1075-4857

The earliest papers collected in the Occasional Paper #30 series below were first presented at a conference at the Peace Research Institute of Frankfurt (PRIF) in October 2005 in Frankfurt, Germany.

That conference, "Democracy, Diversity, and Conflict," was the second annual Peace Studies/PRIF conference since the two programs re-established their cooperative relationship in 2004.

Regime-Hybridity and violent civil societies in fragmented societies _ conceptual considerations

Publication Author: Heidrun Zinecker

Publication Number: 30-5

Pages: ii + 31

ISSN 1075-4857

Managing ethnic divisions in the Philippines and Malaysia

Publication Author: Peter Kreuzer

Publication Number: 30-4

Pages: III + 61

ISSN 1075-4857

Democracy, Diversity, and Conflict: Preface

Publication Author: Judith Reppy

Publication Number: 30-0

Pages: 1

ISSN 1075-4857

Diversity, Conflict, and State Failure: Chances and Challenges for Democratic Consolidation in Georgia after the "Rose Revolution"

Publication Author: Pamela Jawad

Publication Number: 30-3

Pages: ii + 36

ISSN 1075-4857

Containing the Dangers of Democratization: A Record of Peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Publication Author: Thorsten Gromes

Publication Number: 30-2

Pages: ii + 39

ISSN 1075-4857

Religious Zionism and Israeli Foreign Policy

Publication Author: Claudia Baumgart

Publication Number: 30-1

Pages: 26

ISSN 1075-4857

Deaths in Wars and Conflicts in the 20th Century, 3rd edition

Publication Author: Milton Leitenberg

Publication Number: 29

Pages: 83

ISSN 1075-4857 

Copyright to Milton Leitenberg. This is another revision of the version of the Occasional Paper printed by Routledge in a collection edited by Matthew Evangelista, 2004.

Conversion at Stepnogorsk: What the Future Holds for Former Bioweapons Facilities

Publication Author: Sonia Ben Ouagrham and Kathleen M. Vogel

Publication Number: 28

Pages: viii + 132

ISSN 1075-4857

Iraq and Beyond: The New U.S. National Security Strategy

Publication Author: Jonathan Kirshner, Barry Strauss, Maria Fanis, and Matthew Evangelista

Publication Number: 27

Pages: vi + 27

ISSN 1075-4857

The United States and Asian Security

Publication Author: Matthew Evangelista and Judith Reppy, eds.

Publication Number: 26

Pages: iv + 208 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

The Place of the Defense Industry in National Systems of Innovation

Publication Author: Judith Reppy, ed.

Publication Number: 25

Pages: vi + 227 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

Secrecy and Knowledge Production

Publication Author: Judith Reppy

Publication Number: 23

Pages: iii + 132 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

Preventing the Bloodbath: Could the UN Have Predicted and Prevented the Rwandan Genocide?

Publication Author: A. Walter Dorn, Jonathan Matloff, and Jennifer Matthews

Publication Number: 24

Pages: 62 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

Acoustic Weapons—A Prospective Assessment: Sources, Propagation, and Effects of Strong Sound

Publication Author: Jürgen Altmann

Publication Number: 22

Pages: iv + 80 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Issues and Answers

Publication Author: Matthew G. McKinzie, ed.

Publication Number: 21

Pages: vii + 141 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

Political Economy in Security Studies After the Cold War

Publication Author: Jonathan Kirshner

Publication Number: 20

Pages: iv + 29 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

Distintegration and Consolidation: National Separatism and the Evolution of Center-Periphery Relations in the Russian Federation

Publication Author: John W. Slocum

Publication Number: 19

Pages: ii + 57 pp.

ISSN 1075-4857

Defense Conversion and the Future of the National Nuclear Weapons Laboratories

Publication Author: edited by Judith Reppy and Joseph Pilat

Publication Number: 18

Pages: 72

ISSN 1075-4857


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