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Seminars 2017-2018

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Seminars are scheduled Thursdays when classes are in session. They are in G-08 Uris Hall at 12;15 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

The events are free and open to the public.

Beverages and cookies are provided.

Please join us!

AUG 31, 2017

Meet and Greet. The Reppy Institute welcomes everyone to attend our 2017-2018 seminar series and this special opening reception on August 31 at 12:15 in G-08 Uris Hall during our usual seminar time slot. This first seminar meeting will not follow our usual format of a talk followed by a time for questions and discussion, but will be an informal gathering giving us all the opportunity to meet each other and learn more about what the program has to offer, such as fellowships and other funding for students.

SEPT 7, 2017

Barry Strauss, Bryce and Edith M. Bowmar Professor in Humanistic Studies, History and Classics, Cornell University, "How the Romans Learned to Love Peace Without it Loving Them Back - and What it Means Today"

SEPT 14, 2017

Uriel Abulof, Senior Lecturer (U.S. rank of Associate Professor) of Politics at Tel Aviv University and Research Associate at the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination (LISD), Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, "Abyss & Horizon: Political Existentialism and Humanity’s Midlife Crisis"

SEPT 21, 2017

Ambassador Daniel Fried (Ret.), Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council, "The Russian Challenge 2.0."

SEPT 28, 2017

Maria Cristina Garcia, Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies, Department of History and Professor, Latino Studies Program, Cornell University, "Refugees in the Era of Climate Change"

OCT 5, 2017

Current Events Roundtable on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, with Cornell participants Naomi Egel, graduate student in the Government Department and Agnieszka Nimark, Visiting Scholar in the Reppy Institute, introduced by Matthew Evangelista, President White Professor of History and Political Science, Government Department

OCT 12, 2017

Jacquelyn Schneider, Assistant Professor, Strategic and Operational Research Division, U.S. Naval War College, "Cyber and Escalation–Insights from Wargaming"

OCT 19, 2017

Elizabeth Brundige, Associate Clinical Professor of Law & Assistant Dean for International Programs, Cornell Law School, "Bringing Human Rights Home: Addressing Sexual Violence in the U.S. Military"

OCT 26, 2017

Sarah Kreps, Associate Professor of Government, Cornell University, "Absence of Accountability: An Analysis of Legislative Engagement on U.S. Foreign Policy."

NOV 2, 2017

Claudia Verhoeven, Associate Professor of History, Cornell University, "Extreme Violence and 'Normal' Americans: The Manson Murders and the My Lai Massacre"

NOV 9, 2017

Sidney Tarrow, Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Government Emeritus, Cornell University, "Was 1968 a 'Critical Juncture'? Breaking Down a Transnational Moment"

NOV 16, 2017

Peter Katzenstein, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of International Relations, Cornell University, "Protean Power: Exploring the Uncertain and Unexpected in World Politics"


Raymond B. Craib, Professor of History and Director of the Latin American Studies Program (LASP), Cornell University, "Libertarian Noir: Dark Histories of Exit and Enclosure, 1950 to the Present"


Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Senior Economist, World Bank Economic Policy and Debt Department, and Nonresident Senior Research Fellow, Migration Policy Institute, "How Can Diaspora Talent Promote Prosperity and Peace at Home? Observations of a Practitioner."  Co-sponsored by the Cornell Institute for European Studies.

FEB 15

Dario Azzellini, PhD in Sociology and in Political Science, and Visiting Research Fellow at the ILR School, Cornell University, "Private Military Contractors: Characteristics of a Growing Market and Implications for Accountability and Human Rights"

FEB 22

Sabrina Karim, Assistant Professor of Government and Caplan Faculty Fellow, Cornell University, "'Gender Equality' in International Relations: Unifying Concepts and Measurement"


Judith Reppy, Professor Emerita of Science and Technology Studies, and Jonathan Felbinger, General Accountability Office (GAO), “"What Role for AI in Knowledge Transfers? Implications for Non-proliferation Regimes"


Hirokazu Miyazaki, Professor of Anthropology, John S. Knight Professor of International Studies, and Director of the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University, “"Friendship Dolls, Hibakusha Testimonies, and Peace Murals: The Power of Exchange in U.S.-Japan Citizen Diplomacy against Nuclear Weapons"

MAR 15

Holly Case, Associate Professor of History, Brown University, "The Age of Questions: On the Relationship Between Universal War and Federation."  Co-sponsored by the Cornell Institute for European Studies.

MAR 22

Chris Gibson, Stanley Kaplan Distinguished Visiting Professor at Williams College, "Course Correction - Forging a New American Grand Strategy"

MAR 29

Mark Bell, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota, "Nuclear Revolutions: How States Use Nuclear Weapons in International Politics"

APR 12

Alexander Livingston, Assistant Professor of Government, Cornell University, "Power for the Powerless: Martin Luther King’s Late Theory of Civil Disobedience"

APR 19

Craig Nation, Professor of Political Science and Security Studies, Dickinson College, and Professor Emeritus, U.S. Army War College, "A New Cold War? Russia and U.S. Strategy"

APR 26

Current Events Roundtable on "The Legacies of Chernobyl" with Andrei Kozyrev, Distinguished Fellow at the Kennan Institute (Wilson Center); Lissette Lorenz, graduate student in the Cornell University Department of Science and Technology Studies; and Mary Mitchell, Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University and Postdoctoral Fellow, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University.  Co-sponsored by the Cornell Institute for European Studies.


Eglė Rindzevičiūtė, Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology, Kingston University, London, "The Liberal Effect: The Politics of Policy Sciences in the Soviet Union."  Co-sponsored by the Cornell Institute for European Studies.